The Night Before the Trip

Sitting on my son’s bed trying to figure out how to write a blog. I’m leaving on a 3 month journey to Southeast Asia in a couple of days. The guide books are strewn on the table

I’m writing highlights not to miss in my journal, testing out which archival ink pen I want to bring, perseverating on which toiletries (a.k.a. creature comforts) I need to leave home . My suitcase is in varying stages of indecision and I’m coming down with a cold. Other than that, I’m aware I’m readying to embark on the longest travel I’ve done in 50 years. Yikes! I’d say the anxiety and excitement are about equal at this moment. Need to stop and make a hot toddy remedy.

9 thoughts on “The Night Before the Trip

  1. Hey Mar, so excited for you and Steve. And impressed by work you will be doing! Thanks for setting up this blog. It will be so much fun to follow your adventures. Safe travels


  2. Hey Mar, so excited for you and Steve! Impressed by your mission. Enjoy all your adventures. Thanks for blogging. Looking forward to following


  3. Hey, Marian. Great job so far on the blog and sharing the trip. Even just seeing the photos without a narrative gives a great feel to what you are experiencing. Thanks for all the sharing, and love to you and Steve! Look forward to more.


  4. One last thing – you should put a date at the start of your narrative – the blog site doesn’t seem to provide a date stamp.


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